Arcanima Oracle: Gen 1

  • Arcanima Oracle: Gen 1

The first in a three-part series of 26-card oracle decks. To strengthen the connection between the unconscious (individual and collective) and the diviner, each card was drawn straight-to-ink, with no initial concept in mind when the pen hit the paper. This particular deck has seven Major Arcana cards (signified by roman numerals), and nineteen Minor Arcana cards (each with a goofy but descriptive name). The guidebook has a page for each card, with a description of the creature/scenario on the card, and an "areas to consider" section for divinatory uses.

+3in x 5in cards
+Slightly thinner cardstock
+Housed in a tuck box (no plastic shrink wrap!)
+One blank card (because I goofed, but have fun with it y'all)
+Shipped by me in 100% PCW recycled boxes! <3 <3 <3

If you live within ~45 min of Randolph, VT and want to forgo shipping costs, use the code "LOCALPICKUP" at checkout and message me so we can coordinate :)

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